Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Adoption Choices

Adoption. . . where to begin? We really had no idea. We decided to connect with some people who go to our church. We met with a couple from a town close to here who had adopted seven times, four of which were from India.

We went into the meeting just wanting general information; processes, fees, wait times, those types of things. We learned from them that the most important part was picking the right agency. We went right home and started looking up some agencies they suggested.

Later that week, I thought of a girl I went to high school with, who had recently traveled to Ethiopia to join her aunt on her quest to adopt. I asked her if it would be alright with her aunt if I contacted her, and we started Facebook messaging. She told me about her experience and her agency.

After much research, we decided to go with the same agency she did, International Adoption Guides (not to be confused with International Adoption Guys - Adam was hesitant after he heard that)

We're in the process to completing our application now. This involves finding a home study agency, so we're stuck on that step. Once we get that confirmed, we'll send it in. What a test of patience that will be.

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