Meet Adam and Stacy

Hi! I'm Stacy. Wife of Adam.

We are Christians who love giving the glory to Him. We attend a great church in the area called Cornerstone.

We met in 2008 and got married in August 2012, just before my senior year at Iowa State. Adam is a carpenter, and I work at a software company. We enjoy spending time together (and with our vizsla, Nellie), working on our house and being outside.

Adam has always felt the call to adopt on his heart and has told me it was something he wanted to do back when we started dating. After losing my parents in 2008, I began realizing those experiences would help me emphasize with a little boy or girl who had also lost their parents.

After deciding to start a family, we realized that adoption isn't something that has to be done after you have biological children. We did a lot of research on fostering, domestic adoption, and international adoption. We felt God was leading us in the direction of international adoption. After spending time with and hearing stories of our friend's (more like brother) life in Tanzania, we felt called to bring a little boy or girl home from Africa.

Thanks for stopping by and checking our story out; we are so excited to be on this journey.


  1. Hi there! Stumbled across your site from thelaurenelizabeth. My husband and I have had similar conversations regarding adoption and how it doesn't have to be a "last resort" or "after we have our own kids" option. It's not something we feel called to actively pursue on this very day in our lives, but a notion placed in both of our hearts in one way or another over the years. Thank you for being open in sharing your call! Very inspiring!

    Sarah from

    1. Hi Sarah! It's great to learn about you and your husbands feelings of adoption. God doesn't call us all to adopt orphans, but he does call us all to help them in some way, and I think it's great you feel it on your hearts! I will read up on your blog and learn a little bit more about you :) Blessings to you two!


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