Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Drop Box Film

The Drop Box is a documentary created by Focus on the Family that looks at the hundreds of babies that are abandomed in Souel, South Korea each year.

An idea that originated in the Czech Republic, the baby box is now common among cities around the world. One brave pastor felt the call to rescue and care for these unwanted babies, and, with the specs of a Korean newborn, the drop box was created.

The story walks us through Pastor Lee and his wife's journey through parenting a severely disabled child, who would become their son. From there, Pastor Lee created the "drop box", for mothers to anonymously leave their children to be cared for by the church.

As soon as the baby is dropped off, a bell immediately rings, alerting the pastor and his wife that a baby has been dropped off. We learn of a common practice in Souel—abandoning children on the streets, which leads to a probable death.

It's a beautiful story of a man's answer to a call that we're all asked to do—look after orphans. A man choosing to love the way God loves us.

It's only in theaters March 3–5, so you've only got two days left to see it. I highly recommend it!

Watch the trailer here.

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