Thursday, March 13, 2014

Post Vacation Life

Praise God for wonderful views and vacations!

Sunrise view from our room.
Adam and I recently got home from a very needed vacation to Cancun, Mexico. Where we stayed a week at Fiesta Americana Villas, and recommend it if you're looking to take a trip. We met Adam's parents down there and spent the week soaking up the sun. Whenever we're able to spend time with them, we are usually found asking life questions–they're practically seasoned vets on this whole life thing.

There has been some movement on the adoption front. We've decided to work with Bethany Christian Services, which is headquartered in Michigan, and has an office in Des Moines. We had an initial informational meeting with a woman named Marlene to learn about Bethany and so she could learn about us, why we wanted to adopt, and answer any other questions we had.

One thing that we are stuck on is where to adopt from. It was easy when we were working with IAG because the only country they worked with was Ethiopia. Now that we're approved for Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Africa, it's difficult to decide on just one. We're still asking questions and are praying God will show us which country our child is in.

We're looking to set up another meeting to discuss the financial aspects of this program. More information to come.

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