Friday, October 10, 2014

High Five For Friday

Alright, folks, it's Friday, and that's really good news. But what's really crazy about this week is that we are practically in the middle of October. Here are my top five moments of the week!

1. This first one goes out to the gorgeous Fall weather we've been having. The picture below was taken at Lake Ada Hayden, a lake pretty close to us.

Walking at the lake.
2. We are so dangerously close to having a laundry room, I can barely stand it. It's so exciting to have that "fresh and new" feeling in an older house. The laundry room is just one of many of our home projects, which, actually, was much more than a mere project, seeing as we didn't actually have a laundry room to begin with. That's right, Adam started from the ground (er, floor) up with this one. We've ran into a few hiccups during the whole process, but that's normal, right? It's all about finding what we want and what will work with our budget. Sometimes you need to get creative. We actually started our morning off by waking up early to paint the walls and the ceiling. I'm telling you, we're close. Check out the post on Hometown Renovations for more details on it. Disclaimer: I don't post very often.

3. I'm not sure if I've shared that we're Kansas City Royals fans. Why the Royals, you ask? Well I'll tell you. Back in February(?) Adam and I decided that we wanted to find a team to cheer for. Around here, there are a few options: the Minnesota Twins, the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Kansas City Royals. We weighed the pros and cons of each city and team and landed on Kansas City. It's a short three hours away from us, and a neat city. So that was that. We were Royals fans. Of course, we're confident that we made the right choice now that the Royals are going into the post-season, which they hadn't done since 1985. It was a good year to become a fan. And we can say we were fans before they were good. Anyway, they're playing game one of their seven game series, so that's how we'll be spending our Friday night.

At a Royals game for our anniversary in August.
4. On Tuesday night Adam and I had a chance to volunteer with Meals from the Heartland down in Des Moines. We helped package over 250,000 meals on Tuesday night. The meals we packaged will be sent around our state, country and even all around the world. It's a pretty awesome organization.

5. One of my best friends is coming to visit me this weekend! I am so excited to catch up and spend time with her. I'm looking forward to taking her tailgating for the Iowa State and enjoying some of the fall weather.


  1. How nice of you to volunteer your time, organizations can't do what they do without volunteers. Have a great time with your friend this weekend!

  2. On to game 3 with your Roals!
    Can't wait to see that new laundry room in operation when we come your way in Nov!
    Enjoy your time with Princess Anelli :) Her name just has that ring to it!


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