Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And We're Moving!


Can I just say that again?


We have been blessed with wonderful friends. We've been meeting in a connection group (a small group from our church) for the past eight months or so and have gotten to know the other couples quite well.

We shared with them our plans to adopt and kept them updated every week. When our little mishap with IAG suspended our process, everyone in our group prayed for us. It truly means so much to meet with friends each week who really do care. This week, one of our friends from our connection group stopped over while he was out 'running errands' and dropped off a check to assist in the adoption.

Like I said last week, we were strictly waiting on finances. With the money that was donated by our friends, we're now able to move forward and start the home study.

There have been several things this week that have made me think of this quote: "praise God from whom all blessings flow!" It is so true. God is so responsible for everything wonderful that happens to us. Praise Him!

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