Thursday, April 3, 2014

Decision: Made

Remember this post when Adam and I were trying to determine which country we wanted to adopt from?

Shortly after writing that post (the next day, actually) we met with our pastor to discuss his adoption from Ethiopia in 2005. We told him about ourselves, why we want to adopt, all the basic questions that people ask. Then I shared with him our debate on which country to adopt from. I explained that I thought it was a huge decision that will effect us and our child!

Let me rewind and explain his process. He and his wife have grown children, and felt the call to adopt around 2004. Since they are older, they wanted the process to be as smooth as possible (don't we all?), so they researched which agency did the most adoptions, from the country that did the most adoptions.

They ended up finding an agency in Minneapolis that worked with orphanages in Ethiopia. Our pastor and his wife knew they wanted boys (which would simplify the process even more–since sibling boys are adopted the least), so they started the process soon after doing their research.

You see, they didn't need a calling of where to adopt from; they simply heard Him tell them to adopt, and they took it from there. He explained that you don't need every decision to be spiritual–truly.

So after meeting with him, we made our decision. We were called to adopt, and we're choosing to answer that call. But it's okay to make our country decision based on logistics and not wait for a feeling.

We're choosing to adopt from Uganda. Uganda is a pilot program for Bethany, and expects a 3–12 month wait period. While the wait time could change, the Ethiopia wait time is nearly three years, and we just don't want to wait that long. South Africa had a similar process as both Uganda and Ethiopia, but was a 12–18 month wait.

So that's just that. We're adopting from Uganda.

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