Friday, April 18, 2014

High Five for Friday!

It's Friday! Good Friday! Easter is coming! Blessings to you on this wonderful Easter weekend!

And this is the promise that He Himself has made to us: eternal life. 1 John 2:25 

Here are my top 5 moments from this past week.

1. Adoption news, yay! Since we have enough money to start our home study, we submitted our application through Bethany. They're closed today due to the Easter holiday, but will reopen on Monday, and we'll hopefully hear something soon.

2. Adam and I had a beautiful baby born into our family on Saturday. Clara Lou was born on Saturday morning and is absolutely perfect and wonderful. We're leaving tonight to go see her and her parents and sister. Just look at that face!

3. This past weekend's weather was unbelievable. Adam and I worked for a few hours on Friday and Saturday getting our garage cleaned out––which it needed pretty badly. It was so nice to just be outside, I even washed both cars. I wasn't even bummed out that it rained the next day. We ended the evening with a wonderful date night.

4. We went to a store we just discovered called Worldly Goods, it's a non-profit, fair trade store in Ames' Cultural District. We stopped in to browse the store and ended up finding an awesome woven Ugandan basket.

5. I recently transitioned roles at work and have been in training the last two weeks. It has been great!  I will be transitioning from a marketing role, to a more customer centric role, which I feel will suite me great. I'm not sure yet when I'll be officially transitioning and starting, but I am oh, so excited.

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