Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Agency?

Ever since last week, we've been in kind of a weird place. We contacted Bethany Christian Services, which was one of the agencies we were looking at when we started this process. Bethany is out of Michigan and has offices in Pella and Des Moines.

We started by filling out the preliminary application, which is free. The preliminary application asked basic questions, and based on our answers, it approves us for certain countries. We got pre-approved for Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Africa. Things that are taken into consideration are age, length of marriage, income, etc.

Wait times for Ethiopia are quite a bit longer than what we were originally thinking; somewhere between 30 and 36 months from time of dossier submission to referral.

Before submitting the formal application, potential applicants need to meet with the director, Marlene Hibma. We made an appointment to meet with her next week, so we'll more then.

Until then, we'll be praying that God blesses us with the patience we'll need to continue with this process.

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