Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things Are Moving!

I know I said I would check back when/if we got accepted, but yesterday was a pretty good day. I contacted IAG to see that they had received our application we sent last Friday. I received an email back rather quickly that said they had received our application and would begin processing it immediately.

In the mean time, they said they were sending us an Ethiopian Program Manual that we should receive in a few days. They said it should help answer some of the questions we may have, and may also overwhelm us–he recommended we don't look ahead. . . but how am I supposed to not look ahead?! We'll see. 

The director, Jim, told us that this long process may seem overwhelming at times, but he assured us that IAG will help guide us and keep us focused. We feel very fortunate to be working with (what seems like) such a great agency. 

I looked down at my phone yesterday morning and saw these: three email notifications all dealing with the adoption. I couldn't help but giggle and feel very blessed. 

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