Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adoption Fund

Last week, Adam and I met with the International Ministry Director at our church to discuss the possibility of raising funds through Cornerstone. 

It was a casual conversation that involved questions about how long we've been involved in the church, why we wanted to adopt, etc. After about 30 minutes, he told us he would have to present our case to the council of elders and get back to us. 

[Wait time]

Adam and I have been approved to receive funds from Cornerstone and to raise support through Cornerstone. This means our friends and family (that's you–the one reading this!) will be able to give a tax-deductible donation to Cornerstone for our adoption. The church allows us to raise up to $10,000 in this fund and they will provide an additional donation after the adoption has taken place. 

If you have any questions about donating, please don't hesitate to ask! And while we would definitely appreciate any financial donations, we ask first for your prayer. Pray for our family as we prepare for a large transition, and pray for the heart of our little one–whether he or she has been brought into this world yet or not. 

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