Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Tomorrow marks our second home study! We're anxious to get the second one over with. Like I mentioned in my last post, this is the first time our social worker will be coming to our house to interview us; she'll meet with us together, then separately.

To tell you the truth (that's a weird expression isn't it. Like I haven't already been telling the truth? Well I assure you, I have been–anyway, focus), I think I'm most nervous about her actually coming to our house.

I know I've mentioned before that we're remodeling–like really remodeling. The whole house, the whole kit and caboodle. She said she needs to know that we'll have a designated space for our child (which we do), but I just fear that she'll look at our house and the busted down walls and think, "you can't bring a child here!" and we know that. We started the adoption now thinking that we wouldn't be bringing a child home for a couple years, which is still the case.

I'm asking for prayers to keep our (my) nerves calm tomorrow. I just came across a wonderful little quote: "Pray or worry, but don't do both." I need to remember that more.

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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