Thursday, June 26, 2014

The T-shirt Situation

Who remembers when I said we were meeting with a t-shirt company to look into designing shirts as a fundraiser? [counts raised hands]

So we met with Eight Seven Central, down in Des Moines when we had our first home study a few weeks ago. We gave the designer a few ideas and let him work with his imagination. He came up with a great design earlier this week and we are super excited. We've been emailing back and forth since then talking about logistics. However, yes, one of those, I checked the website today and it looks like the price per shirt went up by $2.00. (I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you've got to by a pretty substantial quantity, it adds up!)

So I'm kind of bummed about that, it just means we'd have to come up with a couple extra hundred dollars just to order the shirts. I've asked designer we've been working with if we could use the original pricing that we talked about originally, since we had no heads up that this was going to happen. 

What do you think? Is that weird or am I just being cheap? I guess either way, I might look into some other screen printing companies. I think you have the ability to buy the artwork from the designer, so we could still use the design we like.

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