Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Congo

Two of our friends have been in the adoption process for years. Like, years. They're adopting two kiddos from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a boy and a girl. They also have three biological kids.

They've been on a roller coaster of a ride, but last week they received an exit letter. My heart is so happy to hear they are able to go meet their children this week. They are only able to bring home their son, and are not sure when they'll be able to bring their daughter home yet. Like many countries in Africa, the Congo is extremely corrupt right now.

When they received their exit letter last week, they were told they had until June 15 to get to the Congo and get back home. So needless to say, they needed to get things in order fast. They arrived yesterday and get to meet their children today. 

I'm asking pray for their journey, their children, and their anxiety as they meet their children for the first time. What an exciting time for their family.  

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