Friday, June 27, 2014

High Five for Friday

Friday! The first Friday of Summer! So that means that June is almost over. Holy cow. Here's a question for ya: is half Christmas in June or July? Anyway, let's get on with it...

1. I got a new job in April in a different department at the same company and have been both jobs for the past three months. Well, someone finally got hired for my old position last week! This means I get to fully transition over to my new department. I'll do the full transition mid-July after I help train my replacement.

2. We're heading to Minneapolis this weekend for Adam's grandpa's wedding! We'll be seeing Adam's parents, aunts and uncles, and their families. I feel like it's just been forever since we've seen family. I'm really looking forward to it.

Just, this. 

3. Adam and I have been really kicking it into gear working on our house lately. We're working on converting a room into a laundry room and have just been stuck on the worst part: ripping out plaster. For some (unknown to me) reason, people used to put drywall up, and then put plaster on top of it [insert are you kidding me? face]. So when we rip it out, it's even more heavy and even more dusty. Ew. But this week, we just felt some motivation to keep going, which is awesome, because it's something we've been praying about. . . shout out to the big guy on this one!
Doesn't that look so fun?
4. I made home made mint chocolate chip ice cream on Sunday. And it was good. Having fresh mint is pretty fun. Even though I don't always know what to do with the abundance of mint that I have.

5. Before our home study is complete, we need to complete a 10-hour Hague course that can be purchased from Adoption Learning Partners. Some of the courses took a half our to get through and some took longer, but I was able to knock them out this week. The courses are on transratial families, grief and loss, attachment, medical needs of adopted children, and adopting an older child.

How was your week? Sending blessings your way!

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